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Download and Installation

Note: This Dedicated Server is only able to run on Windows 64bit!

1. Download and install SteamCMD (refer to SteamCMD for further information)

2. Start SteamCMD

3. Log in

  Steam> login anonymous

4. Set installation directory

  Steam> force_install_dir <install_path>

5. Start download of server files (460320 is the AppID of the MetaTron Dedicated Server)

  Steam> app_update 460320 validate

6. If the download is finished you can open the installation path and run the MetaTron server by executing MetaTron_Server.exe


You can use the commandline to automate the server download

  steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir <install_path> +app_update 460320 validate

Batch File

A simple Batch File to install and update the Server

   @echo off
   ::Steam Settings/Path to SteamCMD
   set STEAM=<path_to_steamCMD>\steamcmd.exe
   ::Game Settings/Path to Gamefolder (%CD% is the current directory. You can change this to a directory of your preference)
   set DIR=%CD%
   set Game=%DIR%\MetaTron
   %STEAM% +login anonymous +force_install_dir "%Game%" +app_update 460320 validate +quit


If your server needs an update please follow the steps in #Download and Installation


To allow your clients to access the server from outside your network you need to forward some ports. The following ports are used by default. But you can change them to your liking.

Port UDP/TCP Description
27000 both Gameserver
27001 both Steam-Authentication
27015 both RCON-Server
27016 both Steam-Query
27017 both Steam-Authentication

Start Server

You have two options to start your server:

1. Simple double click the MetaTron_Server.exe in your server directory. This will start the server with default settings and graphical user interface.

2. Run by commandline:

Change the current directory to your server directory. Now you can start the server with following command and options.

  MetaTron_Server [options]


You have the following options:

Parameter Default
(no declaration)
-batchmode - No GUI and User-Input
-nographics - No Graphicmodule
-ip Should be your Servers local IP Adress
-gameport 27000 Set Gameserver Port
-rconport 27015 Set RCON-Server Port
-steamqueryport 27016 Set Steam-Query Port
-steamauthport 27017/27001 Set Steam-Authentification Port
-maxplayers 12 Set maximum allowed Players (max=255)
-config Serverconfig.xml Set Config-File to load extended Parameters (see #Configuration File)


   MetaTron_Server -batchmode -nographics -ip -gameport 27000 -rconport 27015 -steamqueryport 27016 -steamauthport 27017 -maxplayers 12 -config Serverconfig.xml

Batch File

A simple Batch File to startup the Server

   ::Configurate here
   set SERVEREXE=MetaTron_Server
   set IP=-ip
   set BATCHMODE=-batchmode
   set NOGRAPHICS=-nographics
   set GAMEPORT=-gameport 27000
   set RCONPORT=-rconport 27015
   set STEAMQUERYPORT=-steamqueryport 27016
   set STEAMAUTHPORT=-steamauthport 27017
   set MAXPLAYERS=-maxplayers 24
   set CONFIG=-config ServerConfig.xml
   ::Creat startupline
   ::Startup Server

Configuration File

With the configuration file you can specify additional server options.


Option Description Min-Value Max-Value
servername Name of your server which is shown in the clients server list.
serverpassword Protect your server with a password. No password set if left empty.
autosave Time in seconds between autosaves. 0 (off) 86400
bedrespawntime Time in seconds players need to wait to spawn at their bed again. 10 3600
starthealth Players health when spawning on the server the first time. 1 100
startitems Items which shall be in inventory after the first spawn or respawn. (comma separated list of integers)
savegamename_load Name of the savegame you want to load.
savegamename_save Name of the savegame you want to autosave in (without file ending).
rcon_pw Password for your RCON-Server. RCON doesn't get started if left empty.

Note: Choose a save password! Everybody who knows this password can manipulate your server!

map Name of the map which shall be loaded at startup. This needs to be correct or your server won't start.
type Gamemode : pvp or pve


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
servername="MetaTron Gameserver"

Server control

To control the dedicated server from any client use the RCON protocol within the console. To open the console press ^ or the button you set in the settings.


Doubleclick to highlight the entry Server

Description Command
RCON-login rcon login <password>
Server statistic rcon server.stats
Set time rcon time.set <hour> <minute>
Set timespeed rcon time.speed <speed>


Description Command
List players rcon client.list all
Player info rcon client.stats <playername>
Kill player rcon client.kill <playername>
Give player item rcon item.give <playername> <itemname> <count> (see Stuff)
Give player XP rcon xp.give <playername> <value>


Description Command
Destroy object in front of camera rcon object.destroy (confirm/cancel with rcon <y/n>)

Known Bugs

Server Ports for the Windows firewall is Steam Auth 27001 Server Ports for startup option Steam Auth 27017